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How do I care for my jewelry?

Like all fashion accessories, leather jewelry needs special care in order for it to maintain its stylish appearance. Leather should not be regularly exposed to water. For light stains use a mild solution of soap and water (ten parts water to one part soap). Apply gently with a white cloth and then blot, rinse, dry with a clean towel and let it air dry. Store your leather in a cool and dry place.

Are the products made in a clean environment?

Yes!  All materials are stored in plastic containers and the work space is kept clean and disinfected on a daily basis.  I use rubber gloves and a mask when I am working on the products and they are packaged and shipped in a clean, safe environment.

Are the metal accessories hypoallergenic?

Our Metal accents are mainly made from zinc that is mined in Germany or Belgium. Each piece is then electro-plated in brass, or 99.9% sterling silver.

How do I keep my products looking their best?

Included with each purchase is a Jewelry Cleaning and  Polishing Cloth and 3M Anti-Tarnish Paper Tabs. The Cloth is made of premium cotton material, non-toxic and odor- free. Soft and durable, won’t scratch the jewelry surface and can last for a long time use. and the Tabs are tiny and easy to handle, anti-tarnish tabs are 1″ x 1″ and perfect for tarnish protection.

Do the Bracelets come in different sizes?

Yes!  There is a chart included in each description that shows you the different sizes that are available and how to measure your wrist to make sure you get the perfect fit!

Do you offer Custom Pieces?

I sure do!  Just contact me at info@arecadesigns.com and let’s see what we can make!